1996 Nissan Sentra Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide

This manual was prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so that you may enjoy many miles of driving pleasure. . 1-3 Cup holder. .

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Instruments and controls

Meters and gauges … 1-2 Speedometer and odometer … 1-3 Tachometer (If so equipped)… 1-3 Engine coolant temperature gauge… 1-3 Fuel gauge … 1-4 Warning/indicator lights and chimes … 1-5 Theft warning (If so equipped) … 1-8 Windshield wiper and washer switch … 1-9 Rear window defogger switch … 1-10 Headlight and turn signal switch … 1-11 Instrument brightness control… 1-12 Front fog light switch (If so equipped) … 1-12

The speedometer indicates vehicle speed.

The tachometer indicates engine speed in revolutions per minute (rpm). CAUTION When engine speed approaches the red zone, shift to a higher gear. Engine speed in the red zone may cause serious engine damage.

Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
The gauge indicates the engine coolant temperature. The engine coolant temperature varies with the outside air temperature and driving conditions.

The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven.

Trip Odometer
The trip odometer records the distance of individual trips. Before each trip, set the trip odometer to zero by pushing the reset button.

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