Charting for Dummies: Gold and the US dollar

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Charting for Dummies: Gold and the US dollar

  • GoldEditor: Why do you emphasize charting, aka technical analysis, for making investment decisions?
  • GoldEditor: What are some different technical indicators you use, what do they measure and how do you interpret them?
  • GoldEditor: What are your thoughts on the US dollar?
  • GoldEditor: Can you simplify the long term technical story behind gold?
  • GoldEditor: So many people have said that Gold’s critical level is $430 – why is that?
  • GoldEditor: Is $430 the big support level now?
  • GoldEditor: Has Gold broken out for good?
  • GoldEditor: Where do you think the next major resistance level is?
  • GoldEditor: How does investor psychology affect charting patterns and their analysis?
  • GoldEditor: Technically where is Gold’s critical support level for the bull market remain intact?
  • GoldEditor: Why are some of the gold stocks not breaking out with the price of Gold?
  • GoldEditor: Do you buy strictly on technical factors or do you always include fundamental considerations and why?
  • GoldEditor: What is your biggest trading rule? (i.e. never average down; your first loss is always the best loss, etc.)
  • GoldEditor: What books do you recommend for the beginning trader?


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