College and Career: Changing Jobs

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College and Career: Changing Jobs
college and career, changing jobs, our mission, This publication is not medical, safety, legal, tax or investment advice. It is only a general overview of the subject presented. The USAA Educational, Foundation, a nonprofit organization, does not provide professional services for financial, accounting or legal matters. Consult your tax and legal advisers, regarding your specific situation. Information in this publication could be time sensitive and may be outdated. The Foundation does not endorse or promote, any commercial supplier, product or service.
Table oF conTenTs, changing jobs or careers, is it Time For a change?, stay ready For opportunities, Planning Your Transition, understanding Finances and benefits, beginning Your new role, job change checklist, changing jobs or careers, is iT Time For a change?, assess Your siTuaTion, sTaY readY For oPPorTuniTies, are You ready?, even iF You are, noT looking, For a new job network, or career, change righT, now, You sTill, wanT To be, aware oF, Possible, oPPorTuniTies. education, research, Planning Your TransiTion, Type of work, consider recruiters, be selective, sharpen interview skills, Polish Your resume, Track Your Progress, resume and inTerview Tracking sheeT, daTe, senT To, resPonse, inTerview Time,, Thank You, senT, (comPanY/conTacT name), received, daTe, Place, leTTer senT, undersTanding Finances and beneFiTs, evaluate Your Finances, remember, understand benefits, address medical needs, For more inFormaTion on cobra, creditable coverage, visiT The u.s. deParTmenT oF, labor web siTe, aT cobra Facts, evaluate life and disability insurance, manage retirement Plan savings, are You Fully vested?, unemployment, 10 beginning Your new role, manage uncertainty, job change checklisT 11, when deciding whether To change jobs, build an emergencY Fund, during Your job or career search, equal To 3 To 6, monThs oF basic, living exPenses. after accepting a new Position, support services, Career One Stop, U.S. Department of Labor, leaving The miliTarY, resources 13, managing crediT and debT, healTh insurance, building and mainTaining, Planning a move, good crediT, idenTiTY TheFT, Financial Planning and, goal seTTing, inTerneT saFeTY For adulTs, Planning For reTiremenT, inTerneT saFeTY For Teens, managing Your Personal, records, liFe aFTer The miliTarY, reTiremenT Planning in Your, 20s and 30s, To order a free copy of any of these and other publications, visit, or call (800) 531-6196.

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