internet safety for teens

The mission of The USAA. Educational Foundation is to help consumers make informed decisions by providing information on financial …

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internet safety for teens
safety, internet safety for teens, our mission, This publication is not medical, safety, legal, tax or investment advice. It is only a general overview of the subject presented. The USAA Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization, does not provide professional services for financial, accounting, or legal matters. Consult your tax and legal advisers regarding your specific situation. Information in this publication could be, time sensitive and may be outdated. The Foundation does not endorse or promote any commercial supplier, product or service. table of contents, the internet and you, Words from the Wired World, Passwords, social networking, cyberbul ying, mobile communications, the internet and you.
Who is out there?, the internet, your Parents and you, for more information on internet safety, Protect your computer system, Words from the Wired World, common internet terms, internet service, Provider (isP), Password, search, engine, hyperlink, blog or, Web log, chat rooms, bulletin boards, Profile, filters, encryption, Virus, hacker, PassWords, creating Passwords, Protecting your Passwords, social netWorking, blogs, chat rooms, e-mail, internet messaging and more, knoW When to log off, When should you sPeak uP?, cyberbullying, mobile communications, Protect your Privacy, and the Privacy of others, guard your mobile device, Prevent unauthorized use, stop unwanted calls, notes 11, 12 notes, resources 13, identity theft, keePing eVery youth safe, (k.e.y.s.), bicycle safety, * behind the Wheel, get moneyWise, * on the road (dVd), * cost of driVing, get creditWise, liVing a greener life, managing credit and debt, hoW to succeed in college, to order a free copy of any of these and other publications, visit, or call (800) 531-6196.

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