Motorola WPS870G Wireless Print Server User Guide

User Guide. WPS870G. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit … User Guide. PAGE 6. Front of WPS870G. The following illustration shows the …

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WPS870G Wireless Print Server User Guide

  • Using IPP Printers…70
  • Section 7: Troubleshooting …71
  • Contact Information …71
  • Hardware and LAN Solutions…71
  • AppleTalk (Macintosh) Solutions…72
  • Windows Printing Solutions…74
  • The Installation Wizard cannot detect my Print Server in Windows XP. …74
  • Unix? Troubleshooting …81
  • Appendix A: Specifications …82
  • General Specifications …82
  • Parallel Port Pin Assignments…82
  • Protocol Support…83
  • Feature Support …83
  • Appendix B: Windows Server Configuration …84
  • Windows NT 4.0 Server …84
  • Adding TCP/IP Printing Support…84
  • Adding a TCP/IP Remote Printer …84
  • Windows 2000/2003 Server …85
  • Appendix C: Unix Systems…86
  • Overview …86
  • Wireless Print Server IP Address Configuration…86
  • LPD Configuration …87
  • LPD on IBM AIX 4.15…87
  • LPD on System V…88
  • LPD on Linux …89
  • LPD on BSD…91
  • Printing using LPD …92
  • Appendix D: NetWare …93
  • Overview …93
  • Creating an NDPS Manager Object…93
  • Starting NDPS…94
  • Creating an NDPS Printer Agent…94
  • Glossary…96


Download Motorola WPS870G Wireless Print Server User Guide pdf from, 115 pages, 2083.16KB.
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