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A Parents \’ Guide to, facebook, , By Anne Collier and Larry Magid, Co-Directors,, Table of Contents, INTRODUCTION, HOW TO OPTIMIZE FACEBOOK SETTINGS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, CONCLUSION, Note to readers, What is Facebook?, What do people do on Facebook?, Why do young people use Facebook?, Is Facebook safe?, What are the risks involved in social networking?, How do we parent Facebook users?, Facebook use is very individual, As a parent, you are part of the solution, Try not to overreact if something negative happens, The well-stocked toolbox of today\’s parenting, Facebook itself can be a great parenting tool, Ways to monitor your child\’s Facebook activities, Safety, privacy and reputation protection in the digital age, Safety and Reputation Point, Reputation Point, Digital footprints & good reputations, Reputation Point, Your children\’s profiles are a reflection on them, Safety, Privacy & Reputation Point, Why children should be honest about their age, Choose friends wisely, fety Point, Messages, Wall Posts & News Feed, Facebook\’s \’email\’ service, To limit who can send you messages, To limit what\’s on your child\’s profile, See what your profile looks like to others, To view your profile, Configuring who can see what you post, Safety & Reputation Point, Extra protections for minors, Basic privacy controls, Safety Point, Customizing privacy settings, Limiting who can see your info or search for you, Privacy Point, To restrict what people can see, The Customize option

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