Suffocation and Choking Safety

Key Facts. Each year, approximately 873 children ages 14 and under die from airway obstruction injuries. Total Suffocation Deaths, children 0-14 years …

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Suffocation and Choking Safety
Total Suffocation Deaths, children 0-14 years1000963950900885864850794859Deaths80075070020002001200220032004Years* Children sustain approximately 18,000 suffocation injuries each year. * 60 percent of infants suffocate in the sleeping environment as a result of pillows/cushions blocking their airway while sleeping. Hazards include bunk beds, cribs, playground equipment, baby strollers, carriages, and high chairs. Who* Children ages 4 and under, especially under age 1, are at greatest risk for all forms of airway obstruction injury. * Black children are twice as likely as white children to die from suffocation. Fur-thermore, 209 children in this age group died in adult beds from smothering as a result of being overlain by another person. Laws and Regulations* The Child Safety Protection Act bans any toy intended for use by children under age 3 that may pose a choking, aspiration or ingestion hazard and requires choking hazard warning labels on packaging for these items when intended for use by children ages 3 to 6. Banned cushions have all the following features: 1) a flexible fabric covering; 2) is loosely filled with a granular material such as plastic foam beads or pellets; 3) is easily flattened; 4) is capable of conforming to the body or face of an infant; and 5) is intended or promoted for use by children under age one. safekids. org for referencesLast reviewed 9/07.

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