Chris Abbott’s new book, TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH: Your Last-. Minute Guide and Checklist for Selling Your Story (Tallfellow Press,. ISBN #1-931290-56-3, …

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Anybody can be a book reviewer. You don\’t even have to know how to read. All it takes is control+c and control+p. Yep, you sure as fuck got it. I\’m talking copy and paste. I learned all about this when His Majesty the Brode assigned me the task of reviewing a crappy looking little paperback with the lame-ass title, TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH. Don\’t get me wrong. I\’m all for learning how to pitch my genius ideas to the buying morons so that even they can get them. But the book\’s got this bullshit maroon and yellow cover that makes it look like a treatise and then when you open it up the inside is just the opposite, with funky design and a section with gray pages for no reason. The look of the inside was just as much bullshit to me as the outside, so the last thing I wanted to do was have to try to make sense out of the words. So instead of reading I googled. And found a press release from the publisher, Tallfellow Books. It says everything there is to say about the book, and it\’s really well-written, so here it is: Pedro Martinez. Roger Clemens. Randy Johnson. All have pitching coaches to steer them toward victory. So should every Hollywood writer. Pitching – selling one\’s story to producers and executives – is the only way to stay in the game. For those who can\’t afford a live-in coach to prep them for studio meetings, there\’s now a portable alternative: Writer and producer Chris Abbott\’s new book, TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH: Your LastMinute Guide and Checklist for Selling Your Story (Tallfellow Press, ISBN #1-931290-56-3, Jan. 2005).

TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH is the second in Tallfellow\’s new Ten Minutes to Success series. Written by a Hollywood veteran who has pitched and been pitched to, the book provides invaluable insider advice as * * * * Turn Off Everything But Your Mind Don\’t Start Pitching Until You\’re in the Room Be Memorable (lacking natural charisma? Turn to page 83) plus anecdotes from industry pros explaining what to do… and what not to do!

Download TEN MINUTES TO THE PITCH By Chris Abbott pdf from www.tvwriter.com, 3 pages, 24.92KB.