“Windy” SP Port-O-Break Operations Manual

Operations Manual. PORT-O-BRAKE. ® . “Windy” SP Port-O-Brake® shown with optional. Tapco PRO-Coiler® and. Light Duty Folding Legs. TABLE OF CONTENTS …

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“Windy” SP Port-O-Break Operations Manual
TABLE OF CONTENTS, “Windy” SP Port-O-Brake, Tapco PRO-Coiler, Light Duty Folding Legs, Tapco Products Company, INTRODUCTION, GENERAL HINTS, “WINDY” SP MATERIAL BENDING CAPACITIES, For Your Records, Model and Serial Number, Date and Place Purchased, SETUP INSTRUCTIONS, Attaching the Locking Handle, BEND ONE LEG OF COTTER, PIN OUT AFTER PASSING, THROUGH YOKE PIN, Setting Up the Lifting Handle, FACE OF, MOVING HINGE, WASHER, ALIGN HOLES, AND INSERT, FASPIN, SCREWS, HEX NUT 2, SCREW, HANDLE PLUGS, LIFTING, HANDLE/, HANDLE PLUG, ASSEMBLY, TRADITIONAL BENDING TECHNIQUES, Helpful Hints for Trim Work 5. 1. 7. 14″, DO NOT, DRIVE NAILS TOO TIGHT, Remember, 9. Bending a Sample J-Channel, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL EXAMPLES, EXAMPLES OF COMMON TRIM SHAPES, J-CHANNEL, DRIP CAP/SILL/MULLION, Finish, Side, Finish, Side, Down, BOX/DOOR CASING, LINTEL, FASCIA, BRICK FRIEZE, 4 Finish, FRIEZE, INSIDE CORNER, 1 Finish, 5 Side, TROUBLE SHOOTING, MATERIAL SLIPPAGE, To determine the need for Wedge Adjustment, Solution, SCRATCHES OR MARRING OF MATERIAL, UNEVEN BENDING, CLEANING THE LOCKING AND CLAMPING SURFACE, Open Brake, Remove Top Yoke Pin, Remove Sliding Bar, Wedge, Screws, Loosen Dirt and Residue, Clean Clamping Bar, Clean Underneath Clampin, Surfaces, “Spot” Cleaning, Oil Clamping Bar, Replace Sliding Bar & Oil Wedges, Note, Do not use, REPLACING THE VINYL PROTECTO STRIP, Close Brake, Dril Out “Center Punch” Marks, Loosen Vinyl Protecto Strip, CAUTION, Remove Vinyl Protecto Strip, Replace Vinyl Protecto Strip, Punch Vinyl, REPLACING THE STAINLESS BENDING EDGE, Loosen Stainless Edge, Remove Stainless Edge, Note, Install New Stainless Edge, REPLACING THE MOVING HINGE, Remove Handle, Clean Out Hinge Pin, Loosen Hinge Pin, Remove Hinge Pin, Remove Hinge, Replace Hinge Pin, NOTE, REPLACING WEDGES, Remove Wedge, Replace Wedges, Clean Sliding and Clamping, Bar Before Replacing. REPLACING THE SHOE CASTING, Remove Hex Head Screws, Remove Hex Screws from, Holding Clamping Bar, Back of Shoe Casting, Front of Shoe Casting, Remove Pivot Arm, TAPCO PRODUCTS COMPANY, A Division of Tapco International, TAPCO PRODUCTS COMPANY
vinyl protecto strip, Hinge Pin, tapco products company, shoe casting, Stainless Edge, yoke pin, clamping, handle plug, bending, screws, Clean Out Hinge, Clean Clamping Bar, Top Yoke Pin, Oil Clamping Bar, MATERIAL BENDING CAPACITIES, STAINLESS BENDING EDGE, TRADITIONAL BENDING TECHNIQUES, Duty Folding Legs, Operations Manual TABLE, Clean Underneath Clampin, Hex Head Screws, New Stainless Edge, COMMON TRIM SHAPES, Tapco PRO-Coiler, windy, Hex Screws, HEX NUT, Wedge Adjustment, Punch Vinyl, ALIGN HOLES, BRICK FRIEZE, Oil Wedges, MATERIAL SLIPPAGE, Serial Number, Trim Work, TROUBLE SHOOTING, SETUP INSTRUCTIONS, Center Punch, Helpful Hints, Pivot Arm, Close Brake, Open Brake, Sample J-Channel, GENERAL HINTS, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS, cleaning, LINTEL, COTTER, FASCIA, INSERT

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