GPS to GIS Tutorial

GPS to GIS Tutorial. 1. Create a folder on your USB drive titled: GPS1. 2. Using your GPS receiver, retrieve 10 waypoints using NAD83 datum and Geographic …

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GPS to GIS Tutorial
Introduction to GIScience, GPS to GIS Tutorial, GPS1, NAD83, Geographic Coordinate, System, hddd mm ss.s, ID #, Description, Campus Side, Accuracy, Elevation, N,O,I,R, N, O, I, R, N, O, I, R, attribute type, N = Nominal, O = Ordinal, I = Interval, R = Ratio, Connect the GPS to the computer, No, not this time, Install the software, automatically”. View data within the EasyGPS program, Add the make and model of GPS receiver to the list of EasyGPS recognizable devices, GPSMAP 60CSx, Transfer data from the GPS to the computer (to the EasyGPS program), Save the data in the default EasyGPS format, Open the data in Microsoft Excel, Format the data in Microsoft Excel, Save the newly created Excel spreadsheet in comma-delimited format (.csv), CSV (Comma-delimited) (*.csv), Convert the CSV file into a text file (.txt) in Windows Explorer, GPSpoints.csv, GPSpoints, un-check, .csv, .txt, Open ArcMap and add in freeway and county data, Add the GPSpoints data to ArcMAP, text, Geographic Coordinate Systems, North America, Convert your XY points into a point Shapefile, Explore the data, NOTES:
Geographic Coordinate, GIS Tutorial, Microsoft Excel, EasyGPS program, hddd mm ss.s, GIS Tutorial Introduction, EasyGPS recognizable devices, Geographic Coordinate Systems, GPS receiver, comma-delimited format, View data, Transfer data, Campus Side, GPSpoints data, Excel spreadsheet, county data, point shapefile, CSV file, .csv, Windows Explorer, North America, text file, Open ArcMap, .txt, computer, NAD83, GIScience, freeway

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