Genital Herpes (JEN-ih-tal HUR-peez)

sometimes called “love blisters”, “beard”, “herpes simplex virus” or “HSV”. What is genital herpes? It’s caused by a virus and usually infects the areas on …

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Genital Herpes (JEN-ih-tal HUR-peez), Learn the facts. Protect yourself. Get tested.
Genital Herpes, What is genital herpes?, How do you know you have it?, a virus, Many people don’t know they have it. They, may not have symptoms or may think the, sores are something else. You may have, What is the test like?, How is genital herpes treated?, There is no cure for the virus that causes, herpes. How do you get genital herpes?, If you are kissing, touching or rubbing on or, What can you do to protect yourself?, near the sores, you can get it. To find out more about STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or for information about where you, can go to get tested, call (617) 983-6940 or visit
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You may have:

  • small sores, blisters, bumps or a rash
  • itching
  • pain or burning when you urinate or have sex
  • a tingling or scratchy feeling in your mouth and lips or between your legs
  • a fever or swollen glands

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • You can choose not to have sex
  • You can reduce your number of partners if you choose to have sex
  • You can use condoms when you have sex
  • You can talk with your partner(s) about STDs
  • You can talk with your health care provider and get tested


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