ORIGAMI wrap pattern instructions

ORIGAMI wrap pattern : instructions. Simple to make, loose, open wrap without closures inspired by origami folds. While the shape might look complex the …

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ORIGAMI, Materials, Instructions:

Simple to make, loose, open wrap without closures inspired by origami folds. While the shape might look complex the pattern is simple to construct with only 3 short sewn seams, easily sewn by hand or by machine.


  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric aproximately 84” long x 28” wide. see diagram 1
  2. Fold fabric in half along the short dimension, right sides together. Pin 6” along upper right edge and secure seam with backstitch. (diagram 1)
  3. Sew 1/4” seam. (seam #1 in diagram 1)
  4. Unfold wrap with wrong sides up and bottom edges folded out flat as shown. Point A will be at the top and fabric will fold down at a 45 degree angle from that point (diagram 2).
  5. Now for the complex part. If you’re good at origami this should be easy. Bring point A down to meet point B while pulling apart sleeve edges. Bring each of the sleeve edges right sides together to form armhole openings. The 45 degree folds disappear and the fabric should now be folded into a rectangular shape. Pin the edges right sides together, from point B to 11” from outer edge. (diagram 3)
  6. Starting 11” in from the outer edge at seam 2, sew towards point B being careful to keep extra fabric folded away from you and out of seam. Stop at point B and secure seam. Sew seam 3 in same way, starting at opposite outer edge and ending at point . (diagram 3)
  7. To put on, fold out wrap with neck edge facing up, bottom edges folded out and arms through openings. Neck edge can be scrunched or folded back.
Download ORIGAMI wrap pattern instructions pdf from uniformnatural.com, 1 pages, 7071.2KB.