Betty Crocker Chicken Tonight: 100 Recipes for the Way You Really Cook

Do Something Different with Chicken - Starting Tonight! Chicken breasts. You've probably got 'em in your freezer or fridge - and with good reason. They're fast, tasty, versatile and healthy. This book gives you 100 easy ways to jazz up chicken breasts - whether you want to add pizzazz to pizza or salads, give a new twist to a chicken classic, go global and spice things up or experience the thrill of the grill. So say goodbye to bland, boring, ordinary chicken - and say hello to a whole new world of chicken delights. Open the book for: 100 easy, tasty chicken recipes - super soups and salads, retooled classics, restaurant favorites, zesty international dishes,...
Publisher : Wiley
Author : Betty Crocker Editors
Price : $1.98

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