The Democracy Owners' Manual: A Practical Guide to Changing the World

"I wish I had Jim Shultz's The Democracy Owners' Manual when I started organizing and lobbying nearly 40 years ago. Shultz adds a distinctive voice to why citizens who take the initiative and organize will thwart and best the powerful. He engages the reader with language that is simple, wise, perceptive, and profound."-David Cohen, codirector, Advocacy Institute "A concise, thorough, and very practical book . . . Shultz equips his reader with the tools they need to understand the challenges of governance and economic growth and how to influence them effectively."--Harvard Political Review The Democracy Owners' Manual is a unique, hands-on guide for people who want to change public...
Publisher : Rutgers University Press
Author : Jim Shultz
Price : $23.44

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