The Basic Guide to Pricing Your Craftwork: With Profitable Strategies for Recordkeeping, Cutting Material Costs, Time & Workplace Management, Plus Tax

One of the most often asked questions from craftpersons selling their work is "How much should I charge?" Whether you have been in business or just starting, this step-by-step guidebook will help you answer that question. You'll get: Ways to raise the perceived value of your work and charge moreBasic formulas for pricing craftwork, retail or wholesaleHow to use pricing strategies to increase salesHow to price one-of-a-kind piecesHow to know if you are really making a profitHow to keep records, with sample forms you can copyHow to get the most profit out of every hourLegal ways to cut your tax bills and boost your net incomeMore ways to boost your cash income than you ever imagined
Publisher : Warm Snow Publishers
Author : James Dillehay
Price : $7.63

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