Chevrolet Camaro 1982-89 Owner's Workshop Manual (Haynes owners workshop manual series)

Camaro: An American Icon tells the inside story of a Chevrolet great. The book is filled with authoritative text, interviews with the key people behind the Camaro, design artwork, and page after page of fascinating photos, many drawn from the GM archives. Noted automotive author Gary Witzenburg and the auto editors of Consumer Guide outline Camaro s fast rise to stardom, which was fueled by a winning blend of style, performance, and enthusiast-oriented options like the Rally Sport and Super Sport packages. Camaro: An American Icon follows the Camaro through five eras: The development and introduction of the 1966 Camaro, GM s tardy but bold answer to the 1964 Ford Mustang The second...
Publisher : J H Haynes & Co Ltd
Author : J.H. Haynes
Price : $107.40

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