Creating an information leaflet (booklet) in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Tutorial / Sozdanie informatsionnogo listka (bukleta) v Adobe Photoshop i Adobe Illustrator Uchebnoe posobie - ("Litsey informatsionnykh tekhnologiy")

Illustrator artwork appears everywhere. Magazine ads, cereal boxes, maps, scientific diagrams, children's book illustrations, and even fine art are often created using Illustrator. And yet, for all its power and complexity, anyone can master Illustrator by learning a few key concepts. Illustrator CS2 Essential Training with Jeff Van West shows new and intermediate users how these simple concepts work together and relate to the complete suite of Illustrator tools. Training begins with basic drawing, coloring, and editing, then advances to transparency, type, advanced path tools, special effects, and much more. Tips and specific examples that teach users how to improve workflows and maximize...
Publisher : BINOM. LZ, INTUIT.RU
Author : Platonova N.S.
Price : $80.00

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