A computer program in Hewlett-Packard BASIC for plotting and processing U-Pb isotope data on "Concordia" diagrams (Reports-Open file series - United States Geological Survey)

Today's system administrators deal with a vast number of situations, operating systems, software packages, and problems. Those who are in the know have kept their copy of Linux Server Hacks close at hand to ease their burden. And while this helps, it's not enough: any sys admin knows there are many more hacks, cool tips, and ways of solving problems than can fit in a single volume (one that mere mortals can lift, that is). Which is why we created Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two, a second collection of incredibly useful tips and tricks for finding and using dozens of open source tools you can apply to solve your sys admin problems. The power and flexibility of Linux and Open Source means...
Publisher : U.S. Geological Survey
Author : K. R Ludwig
Price : $17.55

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