Corel Draw 7 (photo paint-multimedia manager-color manager-ocr-trace-iscan-printing-imp.exp,&ole-customizing corel applications- utilities, 2)

Imagine what Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Andy Warhol could have done if they had had a copy of CorelDRAW 8! Now you can become the artist of your dreams with the right combination of vision, creativity, and CorelDRAW savvy. CorelDRAW 8 For Dummies takes you on an entertaining and informative tour of this powerhouse graphics program and all-in-one artist's studio. With CorelDRAW 8, even the most complex graphics tools become putty in your hands. Create precise illustrations, draw free-form artwork, paint electronic masterpieces, edit digital photographs, make your own Web-ready graphics, and even design 3-D environments with the tools packed inside CorelDRAW 8....
Publisher : Corel Corp.
Price : $41.57

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