Simple, Quick & Profitable Portraits - Lighting, Shooting and More! (Tutorial DVD)

Shootsmarter University DVD 2008, 2 hours and 11 minutes long, ships in plastic clam CD case. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide or CD-ROM drive. World-class photographer Will Crockett takes you inside real shooting sessions to explore his premium quality yet super-speedy methods. Nine different real-client photo shoots are documented by the ShootSmarter video crew in this over 2 hour DVD to show every detail of Will's famous "Kill It and Bill It" photography techniques. Know as a leading expert in maximum image quality, watch Will as he shoots both indoors and out - with amazing control, precision and confidence to produce prints that glow off the paper with very little if ANY...
Publisher : Shootsmarter
Author : Will Crockett
Price : $29.00

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