No Kindle Required - The Complete "Kindle for iPhone" User's Guide/Unlock the "Lightning Web Navigator for iPhone & iPod Touch" (DRM-Free with Text-to-Speech Enabled, User-Friendly)

More than just a guide and introduction to the new, free, must-have Kindle for iPhone App, "No Kindle Required" also provides all that you need to unlock a dazzling new "service in a book," the "Lightning Web Navigator for iPhone & iPod Touch." For everything you will ever want to do with your Kindle for iPhone App, and some things you haven't even thought of yet, bestselling Kindle guide author Stephen Windwalker walks you through each step in the clearest, most concise, easy to follow language.You'll be pleased to see how easy it is to read Kindle books on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and amazed at how the "Lightning Web Navigator for iPhone & iPod Touch," included here in the low 99-cent...
Publisher : Harvard Perspectives Press
Author : Stephen Windwalker

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