Learning Website Development with Django A beginners tutorial to building web applicationsquickly &cleanlywith the Django application framework - 2008 publication

A valuable test preparation guide, comprising a book-CD-Web site, written by an author who advised Microsoft in developing the examThe MCTS 70-515 exam is the basic, entry-level certification exam for all .NET developers, with the largest audience of all?.NET exams.?This toolkit consists of a book, CD, and accompanying Web site, the trio of which includes more than 100 simulated test questions and answers, solutions to exercises, code, and chapters from related titles to round out your learning experience. As one of the developers of the exam, the author is uniquely qualified to craft this prep guide and he has packed the book with best practices and proven techniques for passing the MCTS...
Publisher : PacktPubl., 2008.
Author : AymanHourieh
Price : $34.64

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