Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control How to Understand Service and Modify All Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Cars and Light Trucks 1980-1987 - 1995 publication.

This book teaches IT professionals how to analyze, manage, and automate their security log files to generate useful, repeatable information that can be use to make their networks more efficient and secure using primarily open source tools. The book begins by discussing the "Top 10" security logs that every IT professional should be regularly analyzing. These 10 logs cover everything from the top workstations sending/receiving data through a firewall to the top targets of IDS alerts. The book then goes on to discuss the relevancy of all of this information. Next, the book describes how to script open source reporting tools like Tcpdstats to automatically correlate log files from the various...
Publisher : BrntlryPub,1995
Author : Charls OProbst
Price : $33.64

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