Decode The PHP Codes: A Simple And Easy PHP Tutorial For Beginners With Clear-Cut Details On HTML Basics, PHP Coding And Other PHP Basics So You Can Learn ... PHP Scripts Like An Expert PHP Programmer

PHP is a language for the computer. It’s a scripting language that programmers use to make computer communication. For the non-techie, it is a very foreign language. It’s not even a language most people want to learn. However, if you are an online marketer or someone who has any need to use computers in greater detail, then it is a language that is very useful and helpful to learn. Like any foreign language, PHP programming is time-consuming and can be very difficult to learn. As in any case when learning something new, the beginner will have to start with the basics of PHP. This book is the simplest and easiest tutorial for PHP made especially for beginners. It guarantees that you...
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Author : Steve F. Tyson
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